Korean Film Art

The Korean film has made brilliant achievements in its proud history under the energetic guidance and meticulous care of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, geniuses of literature and the arts, maintaining its unique prestige and flavor and rendering active services to the development of national culture and the world cinema art.

Thanks to the wise leadership of the respected comrade Kim Jong Un, many film production and dissemination base on modern, scientific and computerized footings have been set up to produce masterpieces that are conducive to educating people, establishing a vibrant atmosphere across the society and promoting the building of socialist power.

Large number of excellent feature films, documentaries, science films and animations so far produced are greatly inspiring people with strength and courage and adding to their pleasure.

Our film workers, fully aware that they are masters in the effort to usher in a heyday of Juche-based cinema art, are making energetic efforts to open a new world of depiction while promoting exchange and cooperation with progressive film makers around the world under the ideal of independence, peace and friendship.

The Korean film will continue to make a tangible contribution to promoting the wellbeing and spiritual and cultural development common to humankind.

Korea Film Export & Import Corporation is an internationally recognized state film entity of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea which is engaged in export and import of films, and undertakes extensive cooperation and exchange in the film field with other countries.

It is the one and only copyrighter of all the films (feature film, documentary, science film, animation, and TV artistic and literary performances) produced in the DPR Korea.

It sponsors the “Pyongyang International Film Festival” which is held annually in Pyongyang and takes an active part in other international film festivals, thereby contributing to the promotion of friendship and cooperation with the world film workers.

Korea Film Export & Import Corporation will, in future, too, make positive efforts to promote exchange and cooperation with the progressive film workers of the world and realize the wishes and aspiration of the world people to build an independent and peaceful world.

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