The 5th Pyongyang Film Festival of Non-Aligned and Other Developing countries

1996.9.16. ~ 1996.9.24.


The 5th Pyongyang Film Festival of Non-Aligned and Other Developing Countries was held in Pyongyang, the capital city of DPRK from September 16th to 24th in Juche 85 (1996). Over 50 film delegations from across the world took part in the festival with the ideal of independence, peace and justice. The 5th Film Festival was held in honor of 35th anniversary of founding the non-aligned movement and 100th anniversary of birth of films, so it became a very significant festival. Over 60 films from over 40 countries and international missions were submitted to this festival and the committee of the international jury consists of famous film makers from Colombia, Algeria, India, Indonesia and DPRK. And as a result of fair judgment, Chinese Feature Film “Red Cherry” and Korean Documentary “He is Still in the Ranks” were awarded Gold Torch Prize. During the festival the participants visited Kumsusan Memorial Palace(then) to show their respect to President Kim Il Sung who is kept in his lifetime appearance and prayed his immortality. They also assured that President would remain eternal in the hearts of progressive people, his exploits on non-align movement will be the torchlight to enlighten their future. Participants also visited several places of Pyongyang and witnessed reality of Korea which is advancing continuously with full faith and optimism united around Chairman Kim Jong Il with single heart to complete the cause of Juche revolution pioneered by President. Festival participants gave a letter of thanks to Chairman Kim Jong Ilwho gave great love and care for the success of festival with the boundless trust in and reverence for him and several government personages and film makers gave their naive presents to him. The Festival showed unanimous will of non-aligned and developing countries to develop non-align movement and cooperate broadly at culture and art field under the noble ideal of independence, peace and friendship whether they are different in language, customs, religion and political opinions.