The 11th Pyongyang International Film Festival

2008.9.17. ~ 2008.9.26.


The 11th Pyongyang International Film Festival was successfully held in Pyongyang, the capital city of DPRK from September 17th to 26th in Juche 97 (2008). In this festival, many more famous film workers in different countries of the world such as Europe than in previous festivals participated and more films which had been highly estimated in various festivals of the world were submitted. 103 films were chosen among over 400 films submitted to the festival and they were estimated under the fair judgment of 5 international jury members. Chinese Feature Film "Assembly" was awarded the best prize in this festival. Festival participants got to know more well about the advantages of the socialism of our style which is united in one mind through seeing the grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance "Arirang" which took place on the occasion of 60th anniversary of founding the DPRK. And they were lost in admiration for seeing the fascinating field neon sign in the street of capital city on the way to the festival. Pyongyang International Film Festival will further strengthen exchange and cooperation with films from different countries of the world.