The 8th Pyongyang Film Festival of the Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries

2001.9.4. ~ 2001.9.13.


The 8th Pyongyang Film Festival of the Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries took place in Pyongyang, the capital city of DPRK from September 4th to 13th in Juche 90 (2001). 67 organizations from 37 countries and 2 international missions participated in the festival and 100 films were submitted among over 400 films. The desire of humankinds and the demands of era to live in the free and peaceful world without any aggression, war, domination and subordination are reflected to the excellent and particular lives of several countries and nations in the films submitted to the festival and thus it gives a deep impression. As a result of fair judgment of the international jury members from DPRK, China, Cuba, Egypt and Indonesia, Russian Feature Film "the Star" was awarded Gold Torch Prize, the best prize of the festival. During the festival, film makers from several countries conducted film exchange more actively through film market and exchange their opinions about problems in the film production. During the stay in Pyongyang, festival participants esteemed their feelings of admiration and respect to Chairman Kim Jong Il who has been rendering distinguished merits to the world peace and independent cause of humankind. And they gave active support and solidarity to the struggle of our people who advance vigorously through thick and thin and carry forward the socialist construction and the cause of independent reunification of the country. Moreover, delegates from several countries who participated in the festival gave a letter of thanks to Chairman Kim Jong Il who guided works in details and gave careful concern for the success of festival. The 8th Pyongyang Film Festival became a very significant opportunity which the world progressive people and film makers who intend to live in the independent, peaceful and new world, share their successes and experiences achieved in the national film production and further develop friendship and cooperation and open up the way of film development of the new century.